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Just wanted to tell you about my visit to meet the Lieutenant Governor and the Pink Ladies Patron, Lady Malbon, on Saturday, 14 June 2008:

Hello, Barney here

Just wanted to tell you about my visit to meet the Lieutenant Governor and the Pink Ladies Patron, Lady Malbon, on Saturday, 14 June 2008:

I was very kindly invited to attend Government House, together with my friends’ Fiona and Paul, where a reception party was being held in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday.

All decked out in our finery (no one seemed to notice I was naked apart from a suspiciously “Chippendale” type bow tie, kindly donated by Kim M – perhaps it was a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes or more likely that I’m just pink and cute!).  Now, where was I?... oh yes,  as Fiona and Paul live nearby so we entered through the  gate at the rear of the Government House and walked up the path to the main entrance of the house.  After a photo or two, we joined the other guests and walked through a very beautiful hallway to where a gentleman in a very fine white uniform presented us to the Lieutenant Governor and Lady Malbon.  The Lieutenant Governor and Lady Malbon gave us a very warm welcome and we stepped into the garden where drinks were being served (and very nice they were too!)

We spoke to a few people but found ourselves admiring the lovely gardens and “people watching”.  Ladies in beautiful dresses, gentlemen in smart suits, several gentlemen wearing very fine purple gowns and many people in very smart uniforms from different schools, Cadets and societies from around the Island.  There was a point where I did a double-take as I was sure I saw a member of the Royal family, but Fiona assured me it wasn’t the case.   

The Governor made a wonderful speech and we raised our glasses to the Queen as the midday gun salute resounded in the background.  The Lieutenant Governor continued by awarding the Guernsey Jumbulance Group, who had won a Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for their voluntary services organising Jumbulance holidays.  He then recognised the three islanders who had been awarded the MBE in the Queen’s Honours List;  Alison Frankland was honoured for voluntary services to swimming in Guernsey and Christine Anthony  for developing the island’s music services.  Unfortunately, reigning World Touring Cars champion, Andy Priaulx, couldn’t be there as he was taking part in a race in the Czech Republic and so his mum and sister accepted the award on his behalf.

Well it was getting very near to lunchtime (as I felt my tummy rumbling).  We had been teased by the wonderful smells wafting from the Government House kitchen, but unfortunately we were not staying for lunch.  Instead, Paul surprised Fiona by booking a romantic lunch at Da Nellos, to which I wasn’t invited.  He said “I would cramp his style”!!!  The cheek of it!!!

Love Barney X

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