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Hi, I am Barney, the mascot of the Pink Ladies Breast Cancer Support Group. I have travelled extensively including holidays in South Africa, sailing and France. I have taken part in a Cross-Channel swim with our retired breast surgeon.

I then left for some rest and relaxation in the mountains travelling on to the Galapagos islands on a photography trip.

I hope that my travelogue will show that living life to the full is possible after breast cancer and will be an inspiration to those newly diagnosed with the disease.

Please click on one of the headings below or select a destination from the menu at the top of the page, to visit my travelogue The great wall of China

I also have great fun when here in Guernsey and recently completed the Race for Life with the Pink Ladies.  I am so pleased to have my very own medal given to me by my Pink Ladies friends!

I was very lucky to attend the Queen's Birthday celebrations at Government House on 14th June 2008 - see below.


My friends at the Pink Ladies are working hard to write up the other adventures I have been on recently. Unfortunately, being a bear, it is a bit hard for me to type with these paws, so please be a bit patient with me, and keep coming back to see where I have been lately. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Best wishes Barney (The Bear)

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